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Day-to-day dentistry is inspiring

By Peter Watt

Dusseldorf is a little far for me but given the choice I would want Gernot Mörig to be my dentist.

In fairness there may be countless dentists as good as Gernot, who practises in an affluent area of an affluent city in one of the most affluent countries on the planet. OK, his equal in my neck of the woods could charge a lot more than I can afford, but I like the idea of him, I like what he offers, even if I don't need it all. And Gernot offers much.

One of Germany's leading specialists in aesthetics, implantology and endodontics, he has a clientele that spreads throughout the country, the majority of them referrals. His clients are typically health conscious and prepared to invest in staying healthy.

Gernot heads a team of three dentists offering everything from implants to tooth whitening, gum reconstruction to osteopathy. And as well as the requisite assistants, hygienists, administrators and receptionists, the team includes two physiotherapists in the practice's Wellbeing Center, and a laboratory with highly qualified technicians.

His holistic attitude towards the patient is manifested in many ways - some may push your buttons, others may not:

  • The first appointment is for getting to know each other and doesn't involve treatment. Here the patient's individual preferences are included in a "wellness program".
  • No treatment begins without a comprehensive initial examination, followed by clear agreement on the patient's goals with the planned therapy. Risk mitigation and prevention are the first priorities.
  • From the time of their arrival, no patient will wait more than five minutes for their appointment, and the practice is on-call 24/7 for emergencies. All employees get annual training from a psychologist in the proper handling of customers.
  • The warm-toned practice is uncluttered, quiet and welcoming, with the aim of encouraging relaxation. There are no raised voices, there is no rushing.
  • For hygiene reasons and patient wellbeing, all chair-side dental technology is placed behind the patient, and instruments are never on show.
  • The dentist can summon assistants and receptionists or communicate with them by pressing a range of buttons on the operatory cabinet. The patient's privacy is paramount, so treatments are never rudely interrupted.
  • During breaks in treatments patients are given hot towels carrying their favorite scent. They decide whether or not there will be music - and choose to their taste - and of course magazines are available. There is nothing in their environment to remind them they are in a dental office.
  • There is an immaculate private makeup room for female patients to compose themselves after their treatment.

Gernot is widely known and respected in the German dental community, indeed he was the first dentist officially named by the German Society of Aesthetic Dentistry as a specialist in the field - one of only 15 to hold the position (another of that select group, Dr Beate Jürgens, works alongside him). Gernot holds a similar position in implantology under the aegis of the European Dental Association.

As well as being a busy practitioner, he teaches and mentors at the University of Dusseldorf dental school, presents many post-graduate seminars each year at home and abroad (his practice includes a fully equipped lecture room with video/audio links to one of his surgeries), and he is published regularly in some of Germany's most prominent dental journals.

His practice offers aesthetic treatments of all kinds, implants, prophylaxis, periodontics, prosthetics, endodontics, pediatric dentistry and physiotherapy, plus there's that laboratory and he is a qualified technician himself. He is also extremely well-connected, so if he cannot provide the services the patient requires, he can refer to a number of other specialists.

Gernot's success must have something to do with his philosophy as it relates to patients, so it's worth listening to what he has to say:

  • "The human person is our main focus. We spend a lot of time talking to the patients about their wellbeing and treatments."
  • "Our employees are friendly and highly motivated, and give our patients the fullest attention and care in a quiet and pleasant atmosphere."
  • "Teeth are not purely masticatory parts. They stand for vitality, charisma and quality of life."
  • "Healthy teeth and natural aesthetics are objectives of our holistic therapy. The satisfied smiles of our patients are the highest praise for us."

Gernot unashamedly admits to getting joy out of his profession. I believe him when he says he and his colleagues are committed to improving the health of their patients, more than meeting their expectations with long-lasting, quality work.

He and his colleagues work in close co-operation with a number of universities and follow medical/dental progress very closely - "and we use new methods only if we would be prepared to use them on ourselves". "Our patients give us their trust and we are proud to satisfy them," he says.

Forgive me for stereotyping, but Gernot ticks a lot of boxes - precision, quality, structure, order. Rules are rules but it is all so well thought out, so well executed, and always with one goal in mind - patient satisfaction.

I've met him just once but I instantly liked him for his manners, for the care he shows for his patients, for his sense of humour and for his passion for dentistry.

Gernot Mörig does the profession proud.

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